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domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

The Spy Inferno at Suer Pooparn

The Spy inferno at Suer Pooparn would be a nice title if Suer Pooparn were a place somewhere in the South East of Asia but it is not. Suer Pooparn is, again , the original thai title of a movie that was bought by Tomas Tang to release it in the international markets as The Spy Inferno.

Original thai VCD for Suer Pooparn

The Spy Inferno was another war title offered to us by Filmark International at the end of the eighties. I remember I was in the high school reading a cinema magazine when I found among the pages the advertisement of a bunch Filmark movies that were already for rent on most of Spanish video rental shops. The art covers were just great showing us helicopters, explosions, heavy arms & even ninjas in some of those artworks.

Spanish video tape for The Spy Inferno / Espias en el infierno the edited version with a new subplot of Suer Pooparn

The international artwork of The Spy Inferno keeps the main elements of its original Thai cover so it was quite easy to identify it. The story of Suer Pooparn is a topic anti-comunist war movie that was very popular in Thailand back into the 80's. But this topic plot also contains original elements such as a kind of group leaded by Sorapong Chatri who wears a futuristic clothes in the jungle & carries special weapons a la Power Rangers.

Some screen shots from the thai VCD (taken from

The new added fotage is starred by Tom Kelly a former american football player who made a career in many Filmark war productions such as Battle for the treasure, Fatal Command, Mission War Flame and many others. His pal- in -arms in all those adventures was Bob Keaton the guy who became Robovampire & also played a good bunch of Filmark movies after he left Taiwan where he had previously worked with Lo Rei in several movies.

Some more screen shots from the thai VCD (taken from

Filmark War Movies are not my favourite stuff but I have to accept they contain special moments ( gory, silly, hard to believe...etc) that give them that flavour that only good exploitations films know how to deliver them in the correct way.

Whoever is interested on the original thai film can purchase it at while the Filmark print is not too easy to get. The Spanish video tape is one of the hardest to find tape since it was released around 1990. I don't know another version of it, althought I supposed it had to be released in more countries.

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