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domingo, 26 de diciembre de 2010

Jonathan Isgar FULL Filmography PART 3 - TV & Other credits

As we have seen, Jonathan James Isgar got to play from cheap movies at Filmark to big budgets & very influential movies such as Once upon a time in China or Armour of God 2. His roles were always important to the story even when he only played small parts. His charisma made him bright playing bad dudes on screen: From Villanous ninjas at Filmark, Superheroes, brave soldiers or honest police officers at IFD to elegant terrorists, henchman or slave trader in some of the "classic" Hong Kong Action movies ever done in the former british colony.
The very best Kung fu movies or Heroic bloodshed movies had a regular cast of stuntment & supporting actors,So Jonathan James Isgar was also a regular "gweiloh" in many of the very best movies shot in HK during the first 90's.
Jonathan Isgar can considered the quintessence of the western actors who worked in Hong Kong cinema during its golden age.

Apart from his works in Hong Kong cinema, Jonathan Isgar got to work on TV series, international film / TV productions shot in Hong Kong, advertisement, voice dubbing & even stage perfomance.

Other productions shot in Hong Kong
-Dragon, The bruce lee story (Starring Jason Scott Lee)
-To be the best ( Starring Anthony Hopkins)
-Noble house (Starring Pierce Brosnan)

Jonathan Isgar career's has proved how much charisma he has when he is on screen

-The Feds
-Blue heelers
-Halifax fp
His previous work in Hong Kong were very useful for TV series. As Mike Leeder stated IFD & Filmark were a kind of acting. school

-Harley davidson
-Herald sun newspaper
-VP Cognac

When Hong Kong film industry was on its peak at the end of the 80's & Hong Kong producers were desperados looking for gweilohs to add to their films an international appeal, Jonathan Isgar took the chance to improve his skills at Louis Roth's actor's studio in HK where Mr Isgar work along some people like Stuart Smith and other favourite gweilohs.

Louis Roth's Actor's Studio was the main source for "gweilohs" on HK movies during the early 90's.

Hong Kong movie industry is no longer what it was but Mr Jonathan Isgar is still on the movie bussiness & during 2010, he has attended the following auditions.

‘Ball Cap’, Leader Russian terrorist Group.

Voice double for Sammo Hung.

Sgt. Brown (American)

‘Hanson’ (Former C.I.A.)

The following video resumes some of the best moments & memories of Mr Jonathan Isgar career. It worths to see it & It would worths to see Jonathan Isgar on screen again & again. I know what I mean, while I was watching IP MAN 2 I could see Jonathan Isgar playing the corrupted police officer & even the boxer's trainer!!!. Indeed, those roles have some of Mr Isgar's influence.

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