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miércoles, 29 de diciembre de 2010

IFD posters from Egypt- Part 2

Here we have some other IFD movie posters from Egypt. I really love these vintage design from African countries where the handed-paint is still a very valuable art. The artists just make a wonderful pict drawing some of the most interesting shots from the movie itself, adding some nice details that attract the audience attention & let us to imagine those drawings in action inside our brain!!! How I enjoyed these kind of design when I was a kid ( and I still do) & I found these art covers in the video rental shop!...Looking at the art cover, the movie was already playing in my imagination!.

Ninja Thunderbolt was the first ninja movie starred by Richard Harrison at IFD & one of the most popular. The publicity department included Jackie Chan in the cast as a joke or just expecting the audience to spend the time looking for him. This egyptian design is exactly the same used in most of the international releases from other countries.

The design for Ninja hunt also kept the original design from IFD art department. The egyptian art designer for this film didn't change it a bit. He maybe was tired that day!

Secret Ninja, Roaring Tiger was "produced" by Tomas Tang & Joseph Lai at the time Asso Asia was offering us korean kung fu movies. I am not totally sure about if this is the original art work from Asso Asia because the Spanish poster was totally different to this one that has also been used in other international releases.

A political, nationalist taiwanese movie was become into an action movie thanks to the new dubbing work of IFD. It has nothing to do with the double feature directed by Chu Yeng Ping & starred by Briggitte Lin & Elsa Yeung Pink Force Commando & Golden Queen Commando. Those movies were distributed outside Taiwan & HK by IFD and they enjoyed a big success around the world. It is possible Joseph Lai wanted to continue that success retitling this movie. The Egyptian design is exactly to the original one.

This is really a good one!!!...They call him Chop-Suey was produced by George Lai ( Joseph's older brother) as co-production with the Philippines through his own & powerful production company Intercontinental Film Distributor (HK). The late filipino director Bobby A. Suarez was based in HK at the time & had a "special" relationship with the Lais till he had to leave Hong Kong dued to some problems with them. Together they produced some nice & weird movies starred by Chris Mitchum. They Call Him Chop Suey was starred by Ramon Zamora the filipino answer to Bruce Lee. Today this movie is avaliable from IFD.


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