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martes, 21 de diciembre de 2010

Jonathan Isgar FULL Filmography PART 2- Bigger budgets & international fame

Jonathan Isgar was internationally well-known thanks to Tsui Hark's Once upon a time in China where he played one of the most hateful villains ever seen on screen, but as we saw in the previous post, he was already a favourite popular face to die hard Hong Kong ninja movies to Filmark best movies. So it would be fair to recognize Tomas Tang was first one who let us enjoy Mr Isgar's acting skills. I still remember when I first saw Once Upon A Time In China with my younger brother & I shouted to him: hey!, This guy is the bad ninja from Ninja Phantom!!!!.

Jonathan Isgar offered us one of the most hateful villains ever seen in a movie

So even when we can tell Once Upon a Time in China was the movie who allow international audiences to notice how great actor Jonathan Isgar is, he had been delevoping an intense career in other previosuly great movies offering unforgetable supporting roles as bad guy and even shocking scenes playing a mere extra.

John Woo's Bullet in the head was full of shocking images, but the one starred by Jonathan Isgar where he loses his two arms while he is trying to defuse a bomb will be kept in your mind for days.

Now it is time to let the readers & followers of this humble blog the COMPLETE & FULL FILMOGRAPHY of Jonathan Isgar on Hong Kong movies but outside of IFD & Filmark productions.

-LEE ROCK (1991)
Ringo Lam's Undeclared War has a great ALL STAR CAST gweilohs from Hong Kong Cinema. Most of the gweiloh actors who worked for IFD & Filmark had roles in this fantastic movie that deserves more credit than it has!

Apart from his role in OUATIC, Jonathan Isgar is also remembered for his funny role in Jackie Chan's Armour of God 2- Operation Condor. He played a funny arab & he was lucky to see Carol Do Do Cheng's & Eva Cobo's naked bodies...a real lucky "bastard"!!!!!

The newspapers covered the shooting of Operation Condor in Spain & Morocco

Mark Houghton, Jonathan Isgar & Mark King as bloody terrorists against Chow Sing Chi. Houghton, Isgar & King were along other the kings of the gweiloh actors in Hong Kong during the early 90's.

-MR. NICE GUY (1997)

Jonathan Isgar hit the only & one Samo Hung in Mr Nice Guy. He is one of the few people in this world who can tell: " I beat Samo Hung".

Jonathan Isgar is one of those actors who added a special ingredient to the wonderful movies ever came from Hong Kong. At the time Gweilohs were hired to give an international appeal to those movies, but Jonathan Isgar not only got to offer what producers were looking for their movies but he also made his roles unforgetable.

Now that revival is everywhere, it would be a great idea to make a movie about those gweilohs who were in Hong Kong as travellers or just trying to do something different in their lifes and they ended working in movies as suporting actors or even as main stars thanks to the thriving movie industry in HK about 25 years ago.

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