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domingo, 31 de octubre de 2010

Danny Ng, the ninja with no name part 2

Not too long ago, I posted an entry dedicated to Danny Ng, a never credited stuntman who used to take Richard Harrison or other gweilohs places when they "played" their ninja techniques on IFD movies. Do you ever notice Richard Harrison had chinese eyes when he was fighting his enemy???

Danny Ng in Jackie Chan's The Protector

As I stated in the previous entry about Danny Ng he was " the ninja with no name" because until Joseph Lai gave him main roles on IFD war movies like the Aerolite force saga ( The brave platoon, High Sky Mission...etc) & the urban thriller " a la heroic bloodshed" War City ( The red heat conspiracy, The extreme project...etc), his name was a mistery.

Those IFD sagas were mainly directed by Philip Ko or Ridley Tsui Po Wah, so I deduced he might belong to Ko's or Tsui's stunt team. Lately I have been watching movies directed by Philip Ko & Ridley Tsui outside IFD & movies starred by them trying to find out Danny Ng on them to prove my deduction: I saw Danny Ng on THE DRAGON FAMILY, ANGEL ENFORCERS, & ANGEL MISSION. Curiously, all these movies had Ridley Tsui & Philip Ko as actors, or action directors or in the case of ANGEL MISSION Ko was the director.

Danny Ng in Kirk Wong's Gunmen

Finally, I went to the HKMDB to look up more info about Danny Ng & I found him credited as UNKNOWN STUNTMAN (7). To my surprise, Danny has been on screen for so long & he has starred in very important movies along big stars.

This is Danny Ng's HKMDB filmography:

-The Protector
-Police Story
-Angel ( aka Iron Angel)
-The dragon family
-Edge of Darkness
-Tiger Cage
-God of gamblers
-Angel enforcers
-A Punch to revenge
-City Cops
-Long arm of the law 3
-Angel Mission

Danny Ng in Lau Kar Wing's masterpiece The Dragon Family, Philip Ko & Ridley Tsui also starred in this classic actioner

About his movies on IFD productions, we could say he was in front / behind camera in most movies directed by Philip Ko & Ridley Tsui but since I haven't watched all IFD movies there are many chances this info could not be 100% reliable. So, the below uncompleted filmography is based on the IFD movies I have watched till today where Danny Ng has a role as an actor or stuntmen:

-Areolite force: The brave platoon - Actor
-Aerolite force 2: The untouchable glory ( aka, American eagle, aka Ninja untouchables)- Actor
-Aerolite force 3: High Sky mission- Actor

-Platoon the warriors - Stunt double

-War city: Die to win- Actor
-War City 2: The red heat conspiracy- Actor
-War City 3: The extreme project- Actor
-War City 4: Kingdom of power- Actor
-War City 5: Law of honor- Actor

Danny Ng was directed again by Lau Kar Wing in City Cops, the action director was Ridley Tsui Po Wah who would direct Danny in many IFD movies at the same time City Cops was done.

Danny Ng also was stunt double in most of ninja movies where Joseph Lai was credited as director. Those movies, in fact, were directed by Godfrey Ho, Philip Ko or just by the action director & actor John Cheung.

-Ninja operation 3: Licence to steal- stunt double
-Ninja operation 5: Godfather the master- stunt double

-Royal Destiny- Actor
Danny Ng & Grant Temple crossing their swords at the shooting set of IFD's Ninja Operation 3: Licence To Steal

I have to repeat, this IFD filmography for Danny Ng is uncompleted since I haven't seen every movie from Joseph Lai's company, so I hope I can update it as I find him in more movies.

The pics showed in this entry have been taken from The picture of Danny Ng & Grant Temple was courtesy of Regis Autras from

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