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martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

IFD / FILMARK Spanish Art covers / Caratulas españolas de la IFD y la Filmark

I am quite busy lately but I haven't forgotten the blog. I am preparing some interesting new entries such as new & interesting interviews, shooting locations pics & new taiwanese / korean & filipino titles used as source movies by IFD & Filmark. But as I have stated, I prefer to post them when I got a bit of free time. By now, I hope you may enjoy these Spanish art covers from my own collection.

-ACT OF GANGS ( La Ley de los Gangsters): Here we have another war gem from Filmark. It is a thai war movie edited together with new fotage from the regular gweilohs at Filmark: Paul John Stanners, Phil Dodge or Gregory Charles Rivers just mention few of them. As always, Donald Kong & ex-vemon Sun Chien took care of the action & they play supporting roles.

Most of Filmark war movies were edited on tape in Spain. At the begining of the 90's those tapes could be found at almost every video rental shops in Spain. Now they are really hard-to find ones.

-The Iron Fist Adventure (El regreso del ninja): I would like to know where the Spanish translator of this movie starred by Jimmy Wang Yu edited in Spain by Filmark learnt English. The original title is The iron fist adventure but the spanish title was The return of the ninja (!!!!). Hell, there are no ninjas at all in the production but a bunch of gunmen in some iced badlands of Siberia or China.
The return of the ninja??? No ninjas at all on this Jimmy Wang Yu iced adventure!!!!!

Well, since ninjas were everywhere during the 80's, the spanish distributor of this film tried to sell it as a ninja movie offering a very inappropriate title.

-Survival of a Dragon ( La supervivencia de un Dragon): This one is another lost rare move from IFD catalog. It is a taiwanese movie whose script might be used years later to produce Yuen Biao's The Iceman Cometh. So we have ancient warriors coming to our time to settle down their problems. Very nice movie indeed.

A very ugly art cover for an extremely nice movie from IFD.

-Scape to High Noon (Escapada Infernal): this is a taiwanese movie starred Elsa Yeung distributed by IFD. It is a patriotic tale about group of soldiers & prisoners during the japanese occupation of Taiwan during WW2. Another similar title was 800 heroes.

Scape at High Noon is another lost & rare taiwanese movie that has disappeared from IFD catalog.


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