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jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

Some impressions about ANGEL ENFORCERS

If we check IFD movies from 1989 on we find out many technicians left Joseph Lai's company & companion and new directors, photography directors, stunts coordinators arrived. So where did the previous ones go?
Godfrey Ho & Philip Ko went on their own founding their own production companies: Filmswell & Regal respectively. They brought with them many of the technicians who had been working along them on IFD. And here is when ANGEL ENFORCERS enters.

Ho & Ko learnt how to make cheap but highly gorgeous movies at IFD before set their own companies

-The ninja fever had passed away, it was time for kickboxing movies in the West & Angel movies in the East, althought Angel movies were more popular outside Asia.

-Godfrey Ho felt he was losing money & wasting his talent being under Joseph Lai's orders so he ran away from IFD & he started to produce his own movies based on what he had learnt on IFD: low budgets, short periods for shooting, gweiloh actors for international look, international markets for distribution, many subplots weakly linked to the main story,etc, etc etc.

-Angel enforcers has all the above stated plus the same photography director Raymond Chang who had been working with Godfrey Ho for years at IFD & Filmark. Chang was PD of Ho's Filmark movie Top Mission starring Alphonse Beni

-Philip Ko who was action director & director at IFD also has a small role & was the Action director in Angel Enforcers

-Ridley Tsui Po Wah whose debut as director was at IFD also has a supporting role in Angel enforcers as policeman at the begining & he plays a frightening stunt falling down from a bridge & hitting a truck & a car before land on the floor. The stunt is showed to us twice from different angles.

On the upper side Danny Ng, Ridley Tsui Po Wah two of the best stunment from IFD

-Danny Ng, the ninja stunt double for Richard Harrison & many IFD main actors ( remember they got chinese eyes when they were masked on ninja suits????), who also got important roles at IFD during the last years in sagas such as War City & Aerolite force has a supporting role with dialog lines in Angel Enforcers.

Danny Ng as a police officer, a role he had played before at IFD latter action movies

-James Ha who also got supporting roles on IFD movies in sagas like War City or Filmark productions such as Satanic Crystals is also on a supporting role in Angel Enforcers

-Might be Danny Ng, James Ha & Ridley Tsui members of Philip Ko stuntmen team at that time??

-Mike Abbott, Edowan Bersma, Mark Houghton, Paul John Stanners, Phil Dodge & plenty of IFD/ Filmark regular western faces got their chance to show their acting or fighting skill in Angel Enforcers.
Mike Abbott opens Angel enforcers playing a drug dealer

Edowan Bersma is a very bad dude to deal with.

-George Lai. Joseph's brother, was the international distributor for Angel Enforcers, and now Angel Enforcers is on IFD catalog for worldwide sales.

-Angel Enforcers proves what IFD could have offered us if they had injected a bit bigger budget on their films like the producers did on this one.

No budget for guns??? well, no problem, we can use tools as deadly weapons

-Angel Enforcers proves Godfrey Ho is much better director than many people still think about him.

-Angel Enforcers offers us Girls with guns top action, great martial artists such as Dick Wei, Sharon Yeung Pan Pan & Philip Ko delivering stunning fights.

A great shot taken by Photography director Raymond Chang

-Angel Enforcers offer us weird & bizarre sex scenes with the only & the one Charlie Cho, a not too pretty gweiloh girl & two faggots from Hollywood porn industry (!!!) who will put Cho in some troubles

Charlie Cho likes fish but he is going to try meat from Hollywood!!!

Charlie Cho checks in horror his gweiloh girl's friends are looking at him with lovely eyes.

Angels Enforcers is not an IFD movie but it was done & delivery to us by the people who worked at IFD. If Director Godfrey Ho would have done more movies like this one maybe his reputation among HK moviegoers would not be so mean.

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