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miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2010

Just a nice location for IFD's Ninja Knight 3: Heaven's Hell

I remember during the last week of January 1990 when I was just 14 years old I suffered a very severe flu that made me stay on bed more than two weeks suffering high fever. During the time I was on bed, I didn't have too many bad moments, only headaches & throat pain, but I enjoyed a lot because my late mother brought me a lot of movies she rented in our regular video rental shop. I still remember the day she brought me Ninja Knight: Thunderfox & Ninja Knight 3: Heaven's Hell.
Opening title credits for one of the first movies Philip Ko directed for IFD

The opening scene of Ninja Knight 3: Heaven Hell shows us a gweiloh guy jogging through a bridge just before being killed by a ruffian who holds an axe. Then we find out that killer was sent by Mike Abbott & the killed guy has a brother who will take revenge for his brother death.

Run, man, run

I fell in love with that scene, I fell in love with the movie itself that used a taiwanese weird drama as source movie & of course Mike Abbott became one of my favourite actors. He has a special " touch" to portray bad guys.
But from this time on, I started to feel in love with IFD shooting locations. By the time, I had seen many locations from Tsim Tsa Tsui, Shatin, Tsim tsa Tsui East ( around Shangri La Hotel, Royal Garden Hotel,etc) but the locations used in Ninja Knight 3: Heaven's Hell were new to me and I kept them on mind.
I arrived to this location more than 20 years after Philip Ko shot there.

In January/ February 2009 I left my birth country Spain for the Philippines & I stopped over in Hong Kong for a while before I moved to my new home. With the help of Mike Abbott & my experience from past trips to Hong Kong, I decided to find out so many IFD locations as possible & I decided to start by Ninja Knight 3 so I went to KAM SHAM COUNTRY PARK to takes photos & video an here it is the result.
Just compare, the place. It hasn't changed too much since Philip Ko shot there the opening scene for Ninja Knight 3: Heaven's Hell.

The water reservoir in Kam Sham coutry park. The mountains at the back belongs to Lion Rock Country park where other IFD movies were also shot.

The opening plateau of Ninja Knight 3 was also used at the end of Johnnie To's Election.

By the way, during this past summer while I was watching Johnnie To's ELECTION, I realized the place where Simon Yam kills Tony Leung Ka Fai was exactly the same place used by the opening shot of Ninja Knight 3: Heaven's Hell.
I fell really happy when I saw it!!!

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