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martes, 28 de septiembre de 2010

Mad Moves: A werewolf is on the loose at Filmark

Werewolf movies are on their peak again. New movies about men who become into wolves when the full moon appears are popular on the screen. Tomas Tang was, as Joseph Lai is, a very smart bussiness guy. He knew what the audiences demand, he knew what people wanted to see & of course he offered them products that include the audience's preferences.

Sadly the spanish video tape I own is on Fullscreen

And yes, Tomas Tang offered us a werewolf movie entitled MAD MOVES (Spanish video title: Explosion Demencial / Insane outburst). The title makes justice to the movie since it possibly is the maddest movie ever came from Filmark and, it is for sure an instant cult movie in the same way Robovampire and its sequels are.

Lets start from the source movie: Tomas Tang bought throught his Filmark International a Thai movie whose title is unreadble (we can only see the word Wolf) to the ones who can't talk or read Thai language but whose original art cover is simply superb.

Sorapong chatri, gorgeous girl, a wolfman carrying a rifle, a white haired sorcerer,zombies, naked girls, ghosts: a true gem

Later, as usual, Mr Tang hired regular gweilohs Paul John Stanners, Brent Gilbert and others & used ex-vemon Sun Chien as supporting actor and action director to shoot 15 minutes of new scenes that were pasted during the original movie. The final result was Mad Moves

Guerrilla, gweilohs, Sun Chien, Paul John Stanners, Helicopters, chicks on bikes..Where is the werewolf? Come in and see, he is on this movie despite the art cover

Mad Moves script is weird, ridiculously funny & enjoyable, senseless but what we see on screen is simply amazing, specially when our local thai hero starred by the great Sorapong Chatri becomes into a wolfman during a priceless moment. There are no words to explai it. Lets see it through the following snapshots.

The dangers of Full Moon

No, I just forgot to shave this morning

A thick lipped thai werewolf in Hong Kong

Hey, honey, shall I invite you a drink?

Apart from his transformation, the clothes used by this thai wolfman were inspired by the ones used by spanish wolfman Paul Naschy along his saga about Waldermar Daninsky. Also his movements when attacking his victims are too similar. May be a thai homage to the spanish actor.

White shirt & black trousers: the most typical werewolf clothes

Get out of my way, asshole

Our werewolf, in a continuous homage to Paul naschy's Waldemar Daninsky is a lover as well. He is a beast, but he loves beauties girls taking showers & of course, he is a super wolf on bed. we can tell this thai wolf has a deep latin character.

I don't bark to the moon, I prefer peeping girls

I like cleansing myself for my hairy macho man


The ones who think ROBOVAMPIRE is the creative & surrealistic peak of Tomas Tang's Filmark should get and watch Mad Moves. It really worths 85 minutes of our free time.

3 comentarios:

  1. Interesting! I never knew there was a cut & past version of this!

    The title of the original Thai movie is "Jing Jork Phee Sing". The VCD cover doesn't have the "wolf" in the title. Ninja Dixon reviewed the original version here:

  2. Thanks for your comment & link, Jack.

    You know? After I read NinjaDixon review & see the pics he added I have serious doubts this thai source movie is the one used by Tang for Mad Moves.
    maybe it could be a sequel or something similar.

    It happened with Cocrodile Fury that used Krai Tong part 2 or Dark Day express that used part 1 or 2 from that thai movie we talked about.

    now i am not sure about the info I have provided.

  3. You could ask Fred (NinjaDixon) if he recognises your screen grabs from his VCD.