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miércoles, 15 de septiembre de 2010

Danny Ng, the ninja with no name

Who hasn't seen an IFD movie yet? I am pretty sure if you are reading this post is because you like these movies or, at least, you have seen some of the movies produced by Joseph Lai's production company. The next question is did you ever notice the gweiloh actor who played the hero became into a chinese when he got into ninja suit & did some somersaults?, C'mom, just look at the eyes of the person into the ninja outfit. if you never noticed it, please take your time to re-watch titles such as Ninja Knight: thunderfox or Ninja operation 3: License to steal just to mention a couple of films. The third & final question is: Do you know who was the stuntman who placed action heroes such as Richard Harrison or Mike Abbott when they became ninjas????

where did I see those eyes?????

The chinese eyes of Richard Harrison, Mike Abbott or Grant Temple, have a face that doesn't belong to them but to Danny Ng, a chinese stuntman who made a career as a double stuntman in the ninja movies from IFD till the directors or producer gave him the chance to play lead roles as sidekick partner from the regular heroes.

At the set of Ninja Operation 3: License to terminate along Grant Temple

Danny Ng , like the gweilohs who used to get main roles on IFD productions got his chance to play main roles in at least two sagas: War City & Aerolite Force. In both sagas he could play hero or villain from one chapter to another with no explanation. So, for example in War City: Win or Die he is a rutless assassin trying to asesinate Brent Gilbert at any chance ,but from War City 3: The extreme project he is the hero's assistant, a role he would reprise in War City 4: King of Power and War City 5: Law of honour.

DVD cover from War City: Win or Die where Danny Ng was at last credited

In War City 3: the extreme project, our heroes are sent to the Philippines trying to stop Mike Abbott. Danny Ng plays a good cop in this one.

IFD war saga titled areolite force was also starred by Danny Ng in at least the first three films: The Brave Platoon, The untouchable glory & Sky High Force.

HK police & Danny Ng have a lot of work to do in the Philippines as showed in War City saga.

There are a lot of chances all these movies from War City & Aerolite force were shot back to back, not only the casts of all them were similar but also all the movies used filipino action films as main body for these IFD productions.

Danny Ng & Brent Gilbert were deadly enemies in the first chapter of War City but bloodbrothers in the last one.

Around the time Danny Ng was working for IFD productions he also got time to appear in bigger projects. He worked as an actor & stuntman in Lau Kar Wing's great heroic bloodshed THE DRAGON FAMILY where Philip Ko a regular director for IFD & the most direct responsible person of Danny's movies at IFD had also a major role.

Danny Ng, the second from the left, in his tiny role in Leung Kar Wing's THE DRAGON FAMILY

Danny Ng, started as ninja double for gweiloh actors, then got his roles at the same kind of movies & finally did small roles in bigger productions. He is chinese but he followed the same career as many gweilohs did in HK cinema. He proved himself as a very skilled martial artist & acrobat.

Thanks so much to Regis Autran from for the pic of Danny Ng posing as a ninja double for Grant Temple.

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  1. Good work JM! If I'm not mistaken, he also plays a cop in Godfrey Ho's "Angel Enforcers" (1989).