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martes, 13 de diciembre de 2011

Patrick FrBezar: From Evil Ninja to Evil Gweiloh...and even Lawyer!

Frbezar???? How the hell can we pronounce Frbezar??? What means this word? I ceartenly don't have answers to this questions or others related to whatever is Frbezar or its origin. I only know that Frbezar is the surname of one of those westerner actors who got their chance working as actors in Hong Kong thanks to producers like Joseph Lai & Tomas...among others.

Patrick Frbezar was just another nameless face who had been seen in countless IFD & FILMARK movies along with other well-known faces & actors such as Mike Abbott or Pierre Kirby but like Abbott & Kirby, Patrick Frbezar went from mere extra or supporting roles to main actor in both IFD & Filmark movies...and viceversa!

While he worked for IFD he played the main villain of General Karpov in Philip Ko's Aerolite force 2: The untouchable glory ( aka Ninja untouchables, aka American eagle). But he was also credited as a main villain " alas" General Karpov in Aerolite force: The Brave Platoon, the first entry on the Aerolite force saga.
He also played a supporting role as a henchman in Thunder of the Gigantic Serpent and other modern day thrillers from IFD.

At the end of his days at IFD he played main & supporting roles in some ninja movies such as Ninja of the Magnificence or just a tiny cameo in Full Metal Ninja.

Once his works at IFD were becoming smaller & smaller, he moved to Filmark where he played main roles as villains in some of the most popular ninja movies from Tomas Tang's factory such as the bad-ninjas-wear-orange Twinkle Ninja Fantasy ( aka Ninja Fantasy) where he plays an evil ninja who wants to control the drug market in South East Asia & besides his horrible orange ninja outfit, he owns such powers such as he can become into a battling fish!!!!

Patrick Frbezar continued his days at Filmark starring in supporing roles in some movies such as Ninja Force of Assassins where his supporting role is more important in the plot than some of the other main actors. He plays Boss Kolm' right hand who is replaced by a new & dinamic newcomer. Mr frbezar's character will use his jealousness to destroy his rival at the same time he fights the good guy!

As many actors at IFD & Filmark did, Mr Patrick Frbezar worked for big names & on big productions as extras at the same time they got their big roles for Joseph Lai & Tomas Tang. So we spotted Mr Frbezar as an extra playing a lawyer in Sammo Hung's great Dragons Forever.

Jackie Chan should have liked Patrick Frbezar's presence & he hired him for a small cameo but with sentences in his mouth in Project A part 2, where Patrick Frbezar played a British officer.

Then finally ( I say finally because I haven't seen him in more movies) he got another small cameo part in Tiger on the beat where Mr Frbezar along Wayne Archer is brave enough to kidnap Chow Yun Fat's sister before he dissapear from the movie not to be seen anymore!!!

Indeed, Patrick Frbezar played in many many movies & his name was never credited or if it was we only saw it on IFD less known productions because as usual he was never credited under his real name on Filmark films & he was just ignored in bigger productions. He had potential to star villains & main roles. It is a pity he never got enough credit to see him playing big roles in Hong Kong movies!

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