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sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2011

Deborah Grant: Scriptwriter for Ringo Lam & Actress for Tomas Tang

The very first time I saw Deborah Grant on screen was in 1988 when I rented Vampire raiders ninja queen, one of the first ninja movies I had ever seen from Filmark & I enjoyed it toooooo much!. As usual in Tomas Tang's productions, the cast names was a mess of fake pseudonyms and even well-known actors were credited under different names, so I found myself totally clueless about any kind of information about this woman.

Vampire Raiders Ninja Queen was starred by Louis Roth as the main villain & other popular faces from HK cinema such as Ho Pak Kwong, To siu Ming or the chubby actor from Jackie Chan's Drunken Master or Snake in the eagle's shadow, Chiang Kam among others.

Then, it happened I got to watch another Filmark ninja movie where she was again the main actress. The movie was Ninja: Shadow Killer, Tiger Force (aka The Shadow Killers) where she played a very similar role like in Vampire raiders ninja queen. This movie was even a bit erotic since Deborah offered us an erotic ninja spell & we can appreciate his breasts while Vampire raiders ninja queen gave us a bizarre scene in a beach starring two horny chinese vampires & a "bikini-ed" Deborah.

Ninja: The shadow Killers Tiger Force (aka The Shadow Killers) inlcuded an all star cast of Filmark gweilohs. The main villain was played by Wayne Archer under the pseudonym of Daniel Greene & I was able to spot Danny Raisebeck & even Edowan Bersma in supporting roles. Deborah Grant was credited as Cora Bentley in her second title at Filmark.

Till now, I haven't found anymore Filmark movies starred by Deborah Grant, I ignore if she played more roles at Tomas Tang's Filmark. So, once again, any kind of help about Mrs Grant Filmography at Filmark or IFD would be highly appreciated.

B ut, But, But...even if Deborah Grant only played those 2 ninja movies for Filmark, we were lucky enough to find her in some other Hong Kong movies in supporting roles or just tiny cameos, but she was bright enough to take my attention when I saw her on the screen. So, she played a gweiloh swindler along Bruce Fontaine in Blacky Ko's action comedy starred by Chow Sing Chi & Jacky Cheung Curry & Pepper.

First we saw them in a fast food restaurant managed by John Sham Kin Fung trying to change fake US dollars into HK dollars. After Chow Sing Chi & Jacky Cheung realiced they have been cheaten by them, they have a fought in TST promenade near the Clock Tower and the Star Ferry.

When I thought I would never meet Deborah again because her short career just offered 2 movies at Filmark & a very small role in a rising Chow Sing Chi movie...not too much if we compare the movies other gweilohs did for IFD, Filmark or other HK movies. But I was wrong again...

While I was doing my research to complete Mike Abbott's Filmography, I got Hong Kong Gigolo & I also got extremely surprised when I saw Deborah Grant appears in the first minutes of the film!!!! She was there, I had seen her in 3 previous films but I still didn't know her name or anything about this woman. Then she was even in Aces go Places V. Since it seemed she was haunting me appearing in several movies I was watching at the time, I pushed myself to find out who was this blonde fighting babe.

I asked Mike about her but he didn't remember too much about this movie, he just remembered he played a stripper, a role he had to play again in Wong Jing's The Big Score. Then I asked to Edowan Bersma & he told me, he could not remember her name but he told me something interesting: she was Louis Roth's girlfriend. This information was later confirmed by Mike Leeder & I found out Deborah Grant was the co-scripter of Ringo Lam's Undeclared War, another HK movie played by a lot of IFD / Filmark regular gweiloh actors including her boyfriend Louis Roth.

Then I went to HKMD & I checked the movies Deborah Grant played & I found out she is wrongly credited in Curry & Pepper as Sophia Crawford, while she is correctly credited under her real name in Aces Go Places V.

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