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sábado, 24 de diciembre de 2011

Arthur Garret: from main roles at Filmark to tiny cameos at IFD..or viceversa

Cannibal Mercenaries is probably one of the most popular movies among fans of Asian weird movies. It is well known that Cannibal mercenaries is a thai movie directed by T Chalong woh also directed many other cult movies in Thailand that were widely distributed in international video markets. Today, thanks to people like my good friends Fred " NinjaDixon", Jack Jensen & Andrew Leavold, we have been able to guess many details about these movies & specially Cannibal Mercenaries...but....

...but...what can we say about the re-edited version Tomas Tang's Filmark International distributed around the world under the new title of THE JAGUAR PROJECT? Well, we have read countless reviews, infinite opinions, different viewpoints from fans but no one have ever talked about the people who worked on the new scenes of The Jaguar Project, so, here we go...

It is curious Tomas Tang kept the original director's name in the new edition of Cannibal Mercenaries when he used to offer us new invented title credits for every people involved on his productions. Althought, in order to keep the "traditions" alive, he changed all the names of the actors from the original source movie and some from the new scenes.

The new scenes tell us a new plot about three treasure hunters who are extremely weakly linked to the original story..And one of those hunters is our man: Arthur Garret.

Arthur Garret always played nice characters in the movies he appeared, even he played a ruthless treasure hunter in The Jaguar Project, he was always gentle enough to answer back to his evil boss or protect his friends.
He formed a regular trio along with Alan English & Paul John Stanners in some Filmark movies such as The Shootout, Mad moves, The Undercovers or Rage Betrayed among others.

The trio played, as stated above, in many modern day thrillers at Filmark when Tomas Tang decided the ninja boom was dead. But those movies were exactly like the previous ninja films. They just changed customes & weapons and the ubicous Donald Kong & ex-venom Sun Chien continued offering their fight choreographies as usual.
Arthur Garret left Filmark & join to the IFD along his buddies Alan English who worked with him & Mike Abbott on IFD war movie Aerolite Force 3: Sky High Mission directed by Philip Ko & Choreaographed by Tsui Po Wah.

Paul John Stanners continued his movie career in Hong Kong without Arthur Garret & Alan English & he joined forces to Brent Gilbert & other IFD actors in the War City saga & other productions outside IFD. Arthur Garret also appeared in other IFD productions such as LA CONNECTION or ADVENT COMMANDO 7: GUNS TO HEAVEN along Mike Abbott & Edowan Bersma.

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