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domingo, 6 de marzo de 2011

Curse of the IFD THUNDERBOLT series: Scorpion Thunderbolt part 1

If we have the chance to get or access to IFD movie catalog avaliable on IFD official website or while visiting a film market, we can find most of the movies we could find in video rental shops almost 25 years ago; and that's wonderful, specially for people like me who still enjoy the movies they saw when they were just young & tender teenagers. But, like everything in life, nothing is perfect & many classic movies from IFD are already gone & they can not be re-released anymore.
Original art work by Eagle Leung, the publicity master at IFD during its golden age

That's what it happens to many THUNDERBOLT movies like Ninja Thunderbolt, Inferno Thunderbolt, Majestic Thunderbolt & specially the most popular entry to IFD's Thunderbolt series starred by Richard Harrison: SCORPION THUNDERBOLT.

Title credits with "scary" letters? You may be sure you will enjoy the following minutes a lot.

Ask some people from different countries to tell you an IFD title containing THUNDERBOLT word & the regular answer is Scorpion Thunderbolt. I have tried it & except few people who preferred Ninja thunderbolt ( the roll-skater ninjas are unforgetable as well) many people still remember or they would like to re-watch Scorpion Thunderbolt. Misteriously, IFD has not longer it on its catalog. So, if you own an old tape, keep it as a treasure but you own a missing gem. Here, we offer you the original poster & plus several international video art covers.

The Spanish video art cover tried to catch the original "spirit using Harrison & adding an skull. Not too bad.

This French art cover is really weird but it looks like from a softcore porn rather than from a horror taiwanese movie

The japanese video art cover mixes the spanish one with the erotic sense from the French

The German art cover is simply the greatest one simply because it invites us to imagine us our own version of the movie while we are looking at it.


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