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martes, 8 de marzo de 2011


Thunderbolt series, have been, indeed, the most popular IFD movies if we avoid the Ninja Operation series. Thunderbolt movies, as the later ones were starred by Richard Harrison who may be the cause why these movies were so widely distributed & popular. The Thunderbolt movies saga were the first "cut & paste" movies ever came from IFD Films & the ones that make that editing style the trademark for Joseph Lai's consequent works in many genres & subgenres.

Greek art video cover for Inferno thunderbolt

Inferno Thunderbolt was not the first Thunderbolt entry but it seems it was the most important one for Godfrey Ho & Joseph Lai because many shots of the newly pasted scenes were used again in at least another 2 movies from IFD: Diamond Ninja Force & Ninja Thunderbolt.
Shots from Inferno Thunderbolt played by Donald Kong Do, at the time action choreographer for IFD, were re-dubbed & inserted in Diamond Ninja Force where he was the main villain.
Again, shots played by Richard Harrison & Pierre Tremblay were also re-dubbed & inserted in Ninja Thunderbolt.
The Spanish video cover includes a ninja who is never on screen. It was, indeed, a premonition for the following IFD movies

Inferno Thunderbolt was made using a Taiwanese gangster movie titled THE ANGER as source movie. The Anger was previously premiered in Hong Kong & edited on tape & VCD by Ocean Shores. No need to mention, this edition doesn't include the new shots edited by IFD.

This is how The Anger became into Inferno Thunderbolt

My chinese reading skill is not too god but I think this letters say: East Asia Music Academy

The Anger, became Inferno Thunderbolt when it was bought & re-edited by IFD, was originally starred by Wong Tao who was also the action director. The Anger was produced & directed by Richard Chen Yao-Chi (Chan Yiu Aau) whose some of his movies were bought in a package by Joseph Lai who released them internationally with new pasted scenes. Richard Chen, for example, was the original director of Girl with a gun, another movie "vampirized" by Lai & his IFD fellas.
Inferno Thunderbolt may cause The Anger of its original creators if they find out what IFD did with its work

The Anger still can be found in many retail VCD shops along Hong Kong. If you are a movie hunter & you enjoy rare & weird Asian movies, it deserves to hunt it.


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