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viernes, 25 de marzo de 2011


I am not pretty sure if MAGNUMG THUNDERBOLT should be included on these post dedicated to IFD THUNDERBOLT series. Reason? Originally, this movie was not designed as a Thunderbolt movie, it isn't even an IFD production althought it was a George Lai ( Joseph's elder brother) production or maybe George Lai just bought the coyprights to Wing Fat Film production company. Then, he would pass the movie to Joseph Lai & as usual it was dubbed into english and worldwide distributed.

New pressbook by IFD

Magnum Thunderbolt was the international title given to MAN FROM HOLLAND by IFD. Man from Holland was directed by Patrick Kong in 1985 or 1986, at that time he was working for Filmark International directing new shots for Tomas Tang's cut & paste movies, previosly he had worked for IFD / Asso Asia in productions like Dragon on fire or The dragon the hero.

Ocean Shores VCD containing Man from Holland the movie would be known as Magnum Thunderbolt outside Hong Kong

MAGNUM THUNDERBOLT should not be included as another Thunderbolt movie because this time we don't have new cut & pasted scenes, we don't have Richard Harrison or a clon like in Mission Thunderbolt. These two reason are more than enough evidence to prove Magunum Thunderbolt belongs to another kind of movies.

BUT, hold on...There are also some facts that make Magnum Thunderbolt to be included in the Thunderbolt series as another chapter of it. First the storyline was almost the same used for Mission Thunderbolt: A killer is sent to Hong Kong to eliminate three targets ( while in Mission Thunderbolt 3 killers are sent for the same targets) then we have Philip Ko having bizarre sex like he enjoyed in Majestic Thunderbolt. John Ladalsky reprises as well the role he played in Mission Thunderbolt as a ruthless killer & sex maniac...etc etc

John Ladalski was along Philip Ko & Richard Harrison the 3rd musketeer in the Thunderbolt series

But there are also other details that make Man from Holland / Magnum Thunderbolt a truly IFD movie: the locations! Along the movie we find out a lot of places that has been used in dozens IFD movies such as Yasuyoshi Shikamura house which is the same home Richard Harrison owns in his IFD movies like Ninja Terminator, Diamond ninja Force & even Inferno Thunderbolt.

I can recognice that sofa & those walls from Ninja Terminator

Those black doors & the stairs are the same seen in Ninja Operation: Knight & warrior

These windows & balcony were seen in Ninja Terminator, Rage of the ninja & many other ninja movies from IFD

Apart from Philip Ko & John Ladalski who were regular actors in the previous Thunderbolt movies, we can also find Chan Wai Man & Tommy Cheng Kei Ying who would move to Filmark to work as director like Patrick Kong did.

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