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sábado, 15 de enero de 2011

Turkish IFD Vhs tapes & others

Recently, a Turkish fella named Kaya contacted me because he likes this blog & I guess he also enjoys Ninja movies as I do. He kindly sent me several nice art covers from Turkey. Once again, Joseph Lai proved his movies had a great potential on video markets at the time. Once again it has been proved IFD movies have been the most distributed Hong Kong movies ever.

Just enjoy these covers.

-Ninja Knight Thunderfox was the first movie Mike Abbott did after Richard Harrison left IFD. The Turkish art cover is exactly as the Spanish one, so we can easily guess this was the international pressbook for this movie that let us know the great charisma Abbott delivered on the movies he starred.

The poster below is the turkish art work for LIFE NINJA, a taiwanese ninja movie starred by Chen Kuan Tai, Kurata Yasuaki & Elsa Yeung. It wasn't an IFD or Filmark production but Tomas Tang brought this movie to Europe through his Filmark International.

Ninja Vs Shaolin guards was another Taiwanese ninja movie starred by Alexander Lo Rei. It is not an IFD or Filmark production. This movie was distributed around the world by Ocean Shores, a company that owned many source movies used as main body in many IFD & Filmark cut & paste movies.

-Super Ninja was, once again, another Taiwanese movie that was internationally distributed by Tomas Tang's Filmark International. These movies starred by Lo Rei are the ones that made many people wrongly think James Wu Kuo Jen was an alias for Tomas Tang. Super Ninja was also known & distributed in some countries as Killer's invencible.

Well this last Turkish poster belongs to Ninja in the dragon's den, a Ng See Yuen production for his Seasonal Film Company. We could think this movie has nothing at all to do with the ones produced / distributed by Lai & Tang, right? Well, the answer may be YES & NO at the same time because thanks to this movie, Joseph Lai & Tomas Tang brough to us SECRET NINJA ROARING TIGER, a korean explotation of Ninja in the dragon's den distributed by Asso Asia.

Thanks to Kaya to send me these art work & allow me to share them with all of you!

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