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domingo, 30 de enero de 2011

Ninja Champion on YouTube

This blog is enterely dedicated to research, investigate, find & publish interesting information, pics, videos or whatever related to Joseph Lai's IFD & Tomas Tang Filmark International. It will NEVER, EVER offer download files nor upload that kind of files as well. But today, looking for IFD videos in YouTube, I have found a complete full frame edition of Ninja Champion has been offered by someone in just one single YouTube video.
If anyone hasn't seen it yet & is interested to see it online, here you have the video.

I have nothing to do with it, I have just found the video. Anyway, if you enjoy this kind of movies & you have the chance to get them original on video or DVD, I recommend you to purchase them. They are the perfect movies to watch when you are drunk or getting drunk with friends.

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  1. Just for the record if you don't already know the film utilized to make Ninja Champion was a South Korean action thriller called "Poisonous Rose Stripping the Night" (1985)

    Here is an entry fot it at the Korean movie database: night

    It was directed by Kim Si-hyun who had a long carrer in Korean cinema directing action and adventure films from the 60's well into the 80's. Several of his martial arts pics from the 70's and early 80's were dubbed,re-titled, and re-edited by IFD for international distribution. For example "A Fight at Hong Kong Ranch" (1978) became Golden Dragon,Silver Snake while "Duel in In-ja Hall"(1982)became Secret Ninja, Roaring Tiger". Also besides that several of his films were also subjected to the Joseph Lai/Godfrey Ho cut and paste treatment. As said above Poisonous Rose Stripping the Night was used to make Ninja Champion while "The Uninvited Guest of the Star Ferry" (1984) was used to make the infamous Ninja Terminator. The last of Si-hyun's films to be used and abused was the 1988 action pic "Dae-nam" (1988) which was used by Lai to create Year of the Kickboxer.

  2. Dear Eric:

    THANKS SO MUCH, REALLY, THANKS SO MUCH for this valuable information. I didn't have idea about it. I only knew the original title of Secre ninja roaring tiger...THANKS THANKS THANKS & millions times thanks!

    There is another korean movie used by Lai in Ninja operation 5: Godfather the master. It is Osaka Godfather that is also listed in Korean movie data base.

    Would you know the original korean /Thai / Taiwanese co-production used in Ninja operation 7: Royal Warriors ( aka hand of death)??? It is starred by the same girl seen ninja thunderbolt ( Barbara Yuen) Jack Lam from ninja terminator & Secret ninja & the thai superstar Sorapong Chatri...I remember I once saw the original poster in KMDB but I forgot to save it.

    Once more, thanks again for this priceless information.

  3. Hi Eric:

    checking Si-hyun's filmography at KMDB I have founf that MAZE OF LOVE was also used by Lai & Philip Ko as main body for War City 2: Red Heat conspiracy.

    secret bandit of black leopard was asso Asia's Enter the invincible Hero.

    I have seen some more I have to check with my Pressbooks & art covers.

  4. <<<>>>

    The original title for this one was "The Great Escape in Jungle"

    KMDB Url

    I assume that the film went under different titles when released into other Asian territories. The KMDB entry for this film dosen't list any the Chinese or Thai actors but this seems often to be the case when it comes to entries for International co-productions on the KMDB which often just list Korean personnel only.


    The director of "Osaka Godfather " Lee Hyeok-Su like Si-hyun also has something of a history when it comes to IFD productions. I am fairly certain that his 1987 film "Night Hunt in Saporo" was the film carved up to make "American Commando 2 Hunting Express". Also a couple of his martial arts films were dubbed, re-edited, and distributed by Asso Asia though the only one that comes to mind immediately is "Yong-ho's Cousins" (1981) which became "Buddhist Fist and Tiger Claws". I'll have to dig into my notes in the next couple of days and see if there are anymore.

    I actually have a good amount of information concerning some of the orignal films utilized by Lai/Ho/Tang in their various experiments that I would love to share. Would rather have me post it in the comments section or have me e-mail it to you Jesus?

    PS: I noticed on one of the comments section awhile back Jesus that you had found a VCD of the Thai actioneer starring Sorrapong Chatri which was used to make Ninja Destroyer. Could you please tell me the name and where you found it. I would love see it becuase not only am I a completist when it comes to films used by Lai etc I am also a major Sorrapong Chatri fan.

  5. For some reason when I tried to publish my post above it didn't come out correctely making it rather inchoherent.

    What I meant to say is that the 1985 film "The Great Escape in Jungle" was the one utilized to make "Ninja Opperation 7: Royal Warriors".

  6. Hello Eric:

    Thanks again for your posts...It also happens to me when I post a comment that it takes a bit to appear in the side bar. I don't know why,really.

    I would be enornously glad & pleased if you could share all the information you have about this matter. Even, if you want, you could write a post / article about it & we would publish here. I can even translate it into spanish language to let much people know about this unknown movies!!!

    you can contact me in this email

    I am looking forward your mail!