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lunes, 29 de noviembre de 2010

Jackie Chan at IFD

Richard Harrison IFD movies are the most popular ninja movies ever came from IFD. The reason may be they were released when the ninja craze was at its peak. Joseph Lai's publicity department worked very hard at the time offering hooking titles based on Hollywood hits, so after the ninja word we used to find another nouns such as Terminator, The protector, Platoon, Red Heat, Cobra...etc so we could easily imagine the original titles but full of ninjas. A very smart market skill indeed but how about if we add something else in the credits? I mean a top class action hero like Jackie Chan.

The real Jackie

Jacky Chan was the real star of Ninja Thunderbolt in places such Egypt. The thing is Jacky Chan doesn't appear for a second in the movie.

Would you believe if I tell you Jackie Chan worked in 2 IFD ninja movies??? Would you look for Jackie Chan cameos in Ninja Thunderbolt & Ninja the protector? The answer to the first question is Jackie never appeared in a Joseph Lai's production but his name was credited in the screen & in some international video art covers from those movies. The answer to the second question is: I did....and I found him...uh, oh...well, lets say I found someone who looks like Jackie in Ninja the protector.

Jackie from IFD

Now the question is: Did IFD need to use Jackie Chan's name to promote its movies? I don't really think so, but remember the Bruce Lee clones phenomenon years ago. Most of those movies were made for the international markets like the IFD movies were. I find quite funny to find Jackie's name & some pics in the art cover of some editions of Ninja the Protector & even more, a Jackie Chan lookalike taiwanese actor who might not know what is this story about. If you are an open-minded person, these kind of marketing skills are also some of the special enchanting things I enjoy from IFD movies.

Ninja the protector starring Jackie Chan!!!!...they even pasted a pic of Jackie in the art cover in Germany.

We cannot forget the last movies came from IFD at the beggining of the 2000's were Bruce Lee clones movies starring Dragon Sek Ting Lung that keep the original flavour of the very best IFD movies from the 80's. If you can, please take a look to DRAGON THE MASTER, where find Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Tiger & Dragon style fights & even Wong Fei Hung's music theme.

Joseph Lai really knows what the audience wants to see!

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