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jueves, 25 de febrero de 2010

Dragon The Master

The design of the computer game and software programming leads to a deadly ploy of deceit and betrayal.

Shally, a newly hired junior computer game programmer, has just unveiled her latest computer game "Tiger Storm". Her new project "Jeek Kune Do: The Way Of Intercepting Fist" confronts a sharp competition with Coleway's "Drunken Fist" and Nick's "Thai Boxing".

As the Free Style Combat Championship comes closer, Shally's elder brother Tinlone, owner and chief instructor of the Jeek Kune Do Academy, is well prepared to be the front runner of the championship.

Shally's romance with Coleway is heating up. Her computer game "Tiger Storm" design program has been mysteriously stolen. Her best friend Cherwood is out to help search the stolen software, not realizing that they are walking on a tight rope. However, Cherwood is seriously injured. Shally and her younger brother are kidnapped.

Coleway, Nick and King Manchu, a bootlegger of computer softwares, are undergoing a conspiracy. Coleway threatens Tinlone to withdraw from the championship. They place their secret weapon Gordon, a boxing champion from Sichuan, to keep a close eye on Geo the Drunken Fist Master. Gordon desperately needs to win the championship in order to win back his wife Ellen.

Cherwood's boyfriend Miles comes to Tinlone to ask for help and confesses that he has stolen Shally's software because he owes Coleway a lot of money. As Miles reveals where Shally and her younger brother are held in captivity, Tinlone and Geo join forces to free them.

Tinlone and Geo defeat Gordon but finally let him go with Ellen. The challenge between Dragon the Master and Coleway and their thugs seems unavoidable. The legend of the dragon will prevail.

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