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domingo, 10 de febrero de 2013

Taiwan Black Movies at IFD & Filmark (part 20): The Ninja Showdown

Ninja Showdown has been the last IFD ninja movie to enter in my private collection. While most of IFD cut & paste movie were released in Spain on tape, the ones that never got their release have been very hard for me to get them. I am still trying to hunt several ones that it seems were never released on domestic formats.

Ninja Showdown is other of those bunch of ninja movies supposely directed by Joseph Lai. These movies were not directed by Mr Lai but by several action directors such as John Cheung, Ridley Tsui and their stuntment groups. They were done when the demand of this kind of movies were at its peak and IFD people hardly have time to prepare them with a minimus care.

Ninja Showdown was done using a 1983 taiwanese production titled Tian Zhuang A Ge, also known as The Return, a movie that was co-directed by taiwanese superb director Chu Yen Ping who made some of the very best & craziest movies ever done in the world. I personally enjoyed his vision of gangster movies with Requital or Island on Fire. He was also the man who made the most popular movies ever played by Elsa Yeung: Golden Queen Commando & Pink Force Commando.

Chu Yen Ping was assisted directing Tian Zhuang A Ge by Chiu Chan Kwok who seems to be his most diligent student sincce Chiu also directed some crazily funny movies such as Lucky Seven and Lucky Seven 2 and he worked in some movies that were directly influenced by Chu's visuals such as Gun and Rose that weird movie starred by Alan Tang & Andy Lau.

Tian Zhuang A Ge was starred by Tattoer Ma, maybe the most popular taiwanese actor who has ever portrayed a gangster there and internationally launched by IFD and Choi Wing Wa the same actor who played in the taiwanese movie used in Ninja Hunt.

Recently Tian Zhuang A Ge was released on VCd in Taiwan & it can be purchase throught usual online shops. It is indeed a good chance to get it & understand how they made movies not only in Taiwan but at IFD.

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