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martes, 5 de febrero de 2013

Taiwan Black Movies at IFD & Filmark (part 19): Ninja Hunt

I have to recognice it: I am very lazyyyyyyy about updating the blog lately. I have many entries ready to be post but I don't publish them, I am getting bored of these entries about Taiwan Black movies at IFD & Filmark but I should publish all the information I have been collecting before I should start other topics about IFD/ Filmark, their movies & the people who made them possible...but I say again, I am very lazy & other matters need most of my free time...

Anyway, after all my stupid excuses have been explained, I have to finish this entry with another Taiwanese Black movie that has been "unmasked" after it was used by IFD in the making of Ninja Hunt, one of the latter movies Richard Harrison made IFD in 1986 before he left the company & Hong Kong.

Ninja Hunt is one of those ninja movies from IFD I haven't enjoy very much due to several reasons. It belongs to that group of movies supposely directed by Joseph Lai ( such as Ninja Kill, Ninja Commandments or Ninja Against Cobra among other titles) that just contains 5 to10 minutes of uninspired  ninja action usually choreograhped by John Cheung. who was also probably tired of working for IFD, or very stressed, or just wanted to finish as soon as possible.

Ninja Hunt was made using a 1983 produced taiwanese crime drama titled Wrong Step directed by Tsui Mei (aka Chui Mooi) whose filmography only contains this title. Then, Wrong Step was choreographed by Lam Gwong Wing a well-known face from some important taiwanese martial arts films.

The Spanish VHS was designed just following the original design of Eagle Leung the publicity artist at IFD. The most curious fact of this work is the painted Stuart Smith was also used in Spain in several artcovers for some taiwanese martial arts films that have nothing to do with IFD or Ninja Hunt.

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