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sábado, 24 de septiembre de 2011

Good ninjas enjoy superb music (part 2)

The last post showed us how Stephen Tsang, music supervisor at IFD, used in a perfect way new age & progressive rock themes on most ninja movies produced by Joseph Lai. IFD was very innovative in this way because most of kung fu movies from the previous years used "can music" or they just "borrowed" some tunes from Morricone & other italian composers who made us happy with their creations for the famous spaguetti westerns.

IFD offered modern fashionable movies using old source movies ( what a paradox!!!!) containing western actors & the newest music of that time. We can tell IFD movies were Post-modern movies & Joseph Lai was a visionary & extremely smart producer.

Here you can enjoy some more examples how IFD knew how to choose the best music for its modern ninja movies.

Ninja Operation 5: Godfather the Master ( aka Power of Ninjitsu) opens with Richard Harrison doing some cool movements & "pose" while we listen a hooking melody

Stephen Tsang used a very famous tune from A-HA title The Sun always shines on TV.

Then we have Ninja Operation 2: Sword of Revenge ( aka Ninja Strike Force) that opens in a very ( really ,very very) closed way as Ninja Operation 5: Godfather the Master

But this time our pal Stephen Tsang chose a theme from Alphaville titled Sounds like a melody. The titled of the song was maybe the reason Mr Tsang took it for this Ninja movie!!!

But sadly, one day, Stephen Tsang became lazy ( well, maybe it was the copyright policy) & he decided not to use full tunes from famous groups & he went to famous movies and...

Yes,yes, the last duel of Ninja Knight: Thunderfox ( aka Ninja Empire) was scored using a tune we prevously listened at Nightmare in Elm street.

Eventually IFD music department went to TV ( the international copyright policies were becoming stronger & stronger). At the time IFD ninja movies were being produced, the coolest TV series were the several seasons of Miami Vice. So Stephen Tsang thought Miami vice ending titles score would be prefect ( and he was not wrong at all) for the most ambitious ninja movie ever produced by IFD: Ninja Operation- Knight & Warrior ( aka The black ninja).

IFD ninja movies music score history was writing in this way. I just can add it was a very smart way because those movies were scored with the popular music of that time ( middle 80's) plus the themes of big & small screen successful movies & TV series. Indeed, they were movies that could not fail in the video markets where they were being sold.

4 comentarios:

  1. Here are a few more "Ninja movie scores":
    - Ninja the Protector, final fight scene: Tangerine Dream - Going West
    - Bionic Ninja (the one about the "top technical microfilm") final fight: Tangerine Dream, a mix of Central Park and Going West
    - Silver Dragon Ninja, the ninja fight at the beginning of the film: Chris & Cosey - Put Yourself in Los Angeles
    - Death Code: Ninja, final fight: music from the movie Police Assassins, with Michele Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock

    And so on...

    P.S. Great job with the blog!

  2. Thanks a lot for your mesagge!...Are those music on Youtube? It would be great to make 3rd entry dedicated to IFD & Filmark music scores!

    I am very glad you like the blog!

  3. Yes, you can find it all on Youtube. Even for the Police Assassins movie, I think you can look for Cynthia Rothrock airport fight, around that timeline you'll hear the familiar music...
    And of course, one can never forget the IFD opening logo with the Star Wars music...
    Looking forward to entry No 3...

  4. Does anybody know what's the song that plays in "Bionic Ninja" during the "Ninjers and their ninjitsu" scene, the one where the master gives the lead the yellow pages???

    It goes like, bing, boing, bo bo bo bo boing... sounds like Tangerine Dream, but really I'm not sure.