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jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

Good ninjas enjoy superb music (part 1)

If you are an avid fan of Kung fu movies & Spaguetti western, you surely noticed long time ago both genres shared similar stories, plots, chararacters & the tale how a good, innocent or idealistic man becomes into a killing machine in the search of the main topic from this kind of movies: revenge, vengeance when his world has been savagely destroyed by evilish people.

So, we didn't get surprised when we listen Ennio Morricone's scores in countless kung fu movies from the 70's. I only mention Morricone but music from dozens spaguetti westerns from different composers can be enjoyed as well. Music is a prefect link between european & asian movies that share and tell the same kind of stories in different enviroments.

Then, here IFD enters... and here IFD movies prove they were movies of their times just because of the music. Lets explain it with some examples:

Rage of a ninja offers us a new age music that fits perfectly to the action

Then we find the original music video from Clan of Xymox & I can't imagine it used in other movie.

Cobra Against Ninja also shares similar music that makes ninjas to be COOLER than they are. Cobra Against ninja also offers us a Spaguetti Western moment during the first duel seen in the credits.

Here we have the original score from Aleph in different versions.

And then we have Ninja Dragon that used a more traditional asian score for its credits.

The music was borrowed from a japanese anime titled Dagger of Kamui

Someone named Stephen Tsang was the responsible person at the music department at IFD. He was always credited as music supervisor but never as composer. Indeed he had an exquisite & refined music taste!

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