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martes, 7 de junio de 2011

Shooting around Kowloon Tong Part 2

Live Hard directed in 1989 by Yuen Cheung Yan & choreographed by the Yuen Clan is not a IFD / FILMARK / ASSO ASIA movie & the Lai Brothers has nothing to do with it but I have my reasons to include this film in the blog because there is a thin link among Live Hard, Godfrey Ho & the working ways that made famous IFD & Filmark.

Hong Kong art cover for Live Hard, this version doesn't include the new added scenes by Godfrey Ho

Last year, I managed to talk to Steve Tartalia about his experiences & live in Hong Kong during the golden age of HK action movies. An "average" fan would have asked him about his movies with Jackie Chan or his experience while he was working with other big names such as Tsui Hark but I since I am a weirdo I just asked about his movies for Godfrey Ho & IFD & he was kind enough to give me many answers, some of them delighted me like the ones related to Live Hard.

As it has been said above, Live Hard was shot by Yuen Cheung Yan & it was released in Hong Kong as another action movie starred by Simon Yam & "angel" star Elaine Lui who were supported by many kung fu stars who were recycling themselves into modern day action heroes. Some people know this movie was released in the western markets with new added scenes starred by the regular gweilohs & chinese staff seen in most of IFD & Filmark movies...what probably people don't know is those new added scenes for the international version of Live Hard were directed by the one & the only Godfrey Ho.

Steve Tartaglia remembers the shooting of his death in Live Hard. Godfrey was the man behind it.

At the time of Live Hard, Godfrey Ho was already a master editing new fotage in other's people movies. So he was the chosen one to give an international look to Live Hard & since the original cut was shot almost completely around the streets of Kowloon Tong, Godfrey didn't have to think too much about the locations for his new shots.

So all this story comes just to tell you here we have Verbena Road seen at the very first begining after the title credits when a couple of hired killers try to kill Steve Tartalia.

Today, Verbena Road in Kowloon Tong remains almost unchanged. Check the wall blocks in both pics.


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