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viernes, 3 de junio de 2011

Shooting around Kowloon Tong Part 1

Kowloon Tong is well-known by two different but related reasons such as it is a place full of love hotels (Do I need to explain what those nice places are????) & because Bruce Lee's house has its location, also turned into a love hotel...just imagine the situation of yourself smooching & "training" with your couple among the walls where Bruce Lee trained his muscles!!!! What a ghoulish experience, right???

But Bruce Lee's house was not the chosen place by Filmark to shoot their scenes around Kowloon Tong, it was O MAS Hotel, a place in the same sidewalk that has a small park close, an adventage to put the camera & enjoy some more angles.

Ninjas in love hotels???? Everything is possible in Filmark movies!

Bruce Lee's home was / is exactly located at 41 Cumberland Road, a place that became very cinematographic in spite the kind of bussiness that are run in the area. Filmark used Cumberland road to shoot many of their ninja / action scenes & they always put on the screen O MAS HOTEL.

It seems Tommy Cheng enjoyed O Mas hotel a lot.

IFD also shot many scenes around althought never offered us the O Mas Hotel directly, we just spotted it in the distance in movies like War City: Die or Win but Filmark movies directed by Tommy Cheng Kei Ying were the ones that always had an excuse to show us the place. Was O Mas hotel a sponsor for Filmark? who knows?

Cumberland road hasn't changed too much since the 80's

Ninja Force of assassins showed us O Mas Hotel several times during its 85 running time minutes and we see one of the main actors going out from the place for no reason since we ncer saw him going inside.

People go to love hotel in couples, but our hero in Ninja force of assassins is a poor lonely man who lives in O Mas Hotel with no companion...what an strange guy.

Then we have Ninja in Action, a movie where O MAS hotel is not only showed to us from outside but also inside: Stuart Smith has an encounter with his girlfriend after they have been attacked by some ninjas.
Jump, come with me, I would like to show you something...

Blue slips in O Mas Hotel...O Mas Hotel is too blue!

Cumberland Road hasn't change too much since Tommy Cheng kei Ying shot there his movies. We can check it by ourselves using google earth tools. O Mas Hotel only changed his original label where a gentleman in a red coat invited us to enter & have a nice time.

Two different angles from cumberland Road & O Mas Hotel

To Be Continued!

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