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martes, 31 de agosto de 2010

The ninjas who came from Signal Hill Garden ( Part 3)

Signal Hill Garden, as we have seen, was used by IFD technicians during the shooting of some ninja movies such as Ninja Dragon & Diamond Ninja Force, then it would not be a surprise to guess Filmark International used these locations as well.

If IFD shot its ninja movies in Signal Hill, Filmark that was always some steps back to IFD did the same & then moved to this location to shoot Silver Dragon Ninja, but I would like to study some facts around this singular production.

Sometime back in 1986, Godfrey Ho directed Ninja Dragon a movie whose action director was Donal Kong Do who was also an the main villain in Diamond Ninja Force. Both movies had some ninja shots in Signal Hill Garden so when Donal Kong shot the ninja scenes of SILVER DRAGON NINJA for Tomas Tang's Filmark International, he went back to these gardens located in the very heart of Tsim Tsa Tsui to shoot most of the ninja content for Silver Dragon Ninja that was a re-edited & updated version of a filipino-chinese co-production entitled KILLER COP ( THE TRAP)starred by Pai Ying & Tsang Kong among other actors came from kung fu movies.

White ninja VS an army of useless black ninjas at the doors of Signal Hill tower

The same location 25 years later, there are no ninjas but the surroundings has no changes at all

Donald Kong Do not only used the same Signal Hill Garden for his movie, he also used Paulo Tocha who worked with Donald in Ninja Dragon credited as Bruce Stallion and playing the main villain against Richard Harrison.

It's time for ninja hunting

It's time for locations hunting

Hong Kong was always a main headquaters for ninja illegal trades in Filmark movies

A nice place to visit if you love Hong Kong trashy ninja movies

The building in the background is The New World Center

If we climb to Signal Hill, we will check the building hasn't change a bit in the last 25 years.

Silver Dragon Ninja, apart from its locations had more things to do that linked itselft to other productions from different companies. I mean Silver Dragon Ninja casted Eric Neff, a black guy with excellent skills as the hero friend & Pedro Ernyes as the leader of the bad black ninjas. Neff & Ernyes were casted together to star NINJA VS NINJA, an Ocean Shores attempt to imitate Filmark working conditions. Both, Neff & Ernyes reprised the roles they played in Silver Dragon Ninja.

Does anyone knows if there exist a widescreen edition of this Silver Dragon Ninja???? All the editions I have found are fullscreen & the british edition is even cut during some erotic moments.

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