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martes, 13 de julio de 2010

The Ninjas who came from Signal Hill Garden (Part 2)

Signal Hill Garden, as we saw in the last entry, was an strategy point in Tsim Tsa Tsui used for shooting movies dued to its locations. I mean it is located in an exremely crowded area but hidden enough to shoot with no disturbance. Even today, if you go to Signal Hill Garden, you will not find too much people around.

IFD not only filmed there the final showdown of Ninja Dragon but also some scenes from Diamond Ninja Force, the Golden Ninja Warrior second chapter. It is a short scene where actor Pierre Tremblay is practising his skills & suddenly is attacked by Richard Harrison as we can see in the screenshots below.

The cannons aiming to Victoria Harbour & the New World Center Building

Your gun is useless, only a ninja can kill a ninja

You are gonna to die, Pierre Tremblay

I put my digital camera in the same position, trying to catch the Diamond Ninja Force's spirit!

You can see the whole shot from minute 5:18 to 6:40

More to Come!!!!

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  2. Thanks for your comment & add the info displayed in the humble blog in Wikipedia!