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domingo, 10 de marzo de 2013

Ninja Knight:Thunderfox (aka Ninja Empire) deleted shots

I like IFD movies, I love them and I have a special love for the ones starred by my good friend Mike Abbott. When I was a kid I just love ninja movies, then I learnt how to enjoy IFD & Filmark movies and eventually felt in love with them when I learnt how they were made & who made them possible. So, I am always looking for new details, information or whatever that can help me to fully enjoy these movies.

This movie was cut & retitled Ninja Empire in the US.
One of the problems we must face when we find an IFD ninja movie is the big ammount of different aka titles given to these movies around the world. For instance Filmark produced Ninja Phantom Hero Usa was re-edited & re-titled in the US as Ninja Empire after it was released under its original title but this new edition was shorter since the end battle was cut among other parts...but then we also find that IFD's Ninja Knight Thunderfox was also released in the US as Ninja Empire...
This movie was also cut & retitled Ninja Empire in the US
The US edition of Ninja Knight Thunderfox, retitled Ninja Empire was also a new re-edition of the original film and as it happened with Ninja Phanthom Hero Usa, some scenes were shortened or just cut...but what the US censors cut on Ninja Knight Thunderfox? Just the nudity scenes!!!...

In Germany, Ninja Knight Thunderfox was also cut but retitled as Bionic Ninja. There is another Filmark movie titled Bionic ninja.
Sometime ago, someone uploaded Ninja knight Thunderfox Us edition to Youtube claiming it was the full movie. At that time, I was trying to find out the original taiwanese movie used on it so I decided to watch it again and...imagine my face when I see this version has been cut for more than 10 minutes.
Ninja Empire?????Well, just a mutilated version of, Ninja Knight Thunderfox
What I don't understand is WHY the nude scenes were cut. The censorship label of this movie around the world shows it is a movie for adult audience, so cutting those scenes is ridiculous. The full movie is about a prostitution ring and how our heroes destroy what's the use of cutting those erotic shots while all the beating to the women are fully uncut?????
Japanese released didn't want to show anthing "dangerous" to innocent audiences like us..
Anyway, if you have a copy of Ninja Thunderfox  it is cut, here I offer you the deleted scenes that were totally uncut in the spanish VHS tape.
ACT 1: Dance, Drugs and Hair

ACT 2: Be Water My Friend, and Hair too!

ACT 3: There Is No Place as Home, I Mean Bed!

Well, now, I am looking forward my copy of the original taiwanese cut of Fierce Lady, the movie used by Godfrey Ho to design his Ninja Knight Thunderfox & check if these scenes were also seen in the local version or they were edited out as it happened in the US version. I will let all you know about it. I promise!

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