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lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2012

Taiwan Black Movies at IFD & Filmark (part 14): Advent Commando 6- Naked Revenge

Naked Revenge was the title IFD gave to the international release of a taiwanese gangster movie in the early 80's. It was another of those movies that flooded the spanish video rental shops trying to pass as a kung fu flick among the avid audience who just wanted to see chinese fellas kicking asses!...but once you played it, you didn't find an average kung fu movie but a modern day gangter melodrama...

Naked Revenge was released in Spain on its original Taiwanese cut
I remember when I first rented it with my younger brother, he didn't like a bit and after 10 0r 15 minutes he left the room inmersed in a deep ocean of boredom...I was not!...I like it...I enjoyed the roughness & raw violence displayed...I was ( I still am) an easy-to-get-happy audience.

Opposite to many IFD/ Filmark titles that were quite easy to find on video in Spain, Naked Revenge was a hard to find one. In fact, the copy I own is the only one I have ever seen & I never ever found another copy since I decided to collect all IFD & Filmark stuff...

A pimp named Tattoer Ma
Then, during the Golden Age of IFD, when Joseph Lai made lots of money in the international video markets, Naked Revenge was re-edited, re-dubbed & was added new scenes shot in Hong Kong starred by IFD post-Richard Harrison regulars Paul John Stanners, Brent Gilbert and even Mark Houghton & retitled American Commando: Naked Revenge...years later, was again retitled as Advent Commando 6: Naked Revenge.

Advent Commando 6: Naked Revenge, the new re-edition starred by some of our favourite gweilohs was never released in Spain & I ignore if it was ever released in some other countries. I have searched for a copy but I haven't gone a clue about it.
IFD edited Naked Revenge & it was become into the 6th chapter of Advent Commando saga
Well, Naked Revenge, as we stated above was the IFD title for a taiwanese movie originally titled The Reformed Gambler, a 1981 production directed by Chui Yuk-Lung who was always credited by IFD as Steve Lung in many movies.
The reformed Gambler wasn't a fancy title for IFD...Naked Revenge sounds much better...doesn't it?
The original cast of The Reformed Gambler includes Tattoer Ma, Champ Wang & Paul Chang and other taiwanese popular actors such as Lung Fei, Chen Hung-Lieh & Chan Sing...

Oh, Cirio H. Santiago directed in 1985 a film titled Naked Vengeance that was released in some countries as Naked Revenge...obviously it has nothing to do with the IFD film.

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