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jueves, 21 de junio de 2012

Taiwan Black Movies at IFD & Filmark ( Part 9): Devil's Dynamite uncovered

Filmark was always at IFD's shadow, offering the same kind of products but at cheaper production values and of course cheaper prices. Althought if you are able to check a Filmark movie on its original widescreen format, the movie becomes into a totally different experience...
Spanish VHS cover of Devil's Dynamite.

 Filmark most well-known movies were indeed the "Robovampire Trilogy" formed by Robovampire, Counter Destroyer & Devil's Dynamite. The trilogy was starred by a kind of cheapo robocop who fights against drug dealers, ninjas, ghosts, vampires and every kind of enemy you may imagine...Robovampire & Counter Destroyer used Thai films as main source but for any unknown reason the last chapter Devil's Dynamite got as main body a taiwanese movie full of gangsters, casinos, Elsa Yeung & other regular taiwanse actors who made a lot of Taiwan black movies during those years and even Angela Mao or Sun Yuen.

 Hello, I am Robocop's poor cousin...but

 I Fight against ninjas

 I mean I fight against bloody ninjas

 I fight against vampires

I mean I fight against bloody vampires

 And of course, I fight against bloody ninja-vampires!!!!

The Devil's Dynamite used a 1981 taiwanese production titled The Giant of Casino directed by Joe Chan Jun Leung who had previously directed some taiwanese gangsters films and of course kung fu movies.Joe Chan Jun Leung will be always in my heart as the director in 1991 of  Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins, the very best & craziest manga in motion picture about Toriyama's characters.


A bit of sexy girls on pants or swimsuits

 Raw Violence

 Very very very raw bloody violence

 And gangsters...were the basic ingredients of an average Taiwan Black Movie

 The Giant of the Casino was distributed overseas by Many Films Co. Ltd on its original cut years before Filmark bought it & re-edited with new shots as Devil's Dynamite.

Spain was one of those countries with enough small video companies that bought it on its original taiwanese cut & released on video a couple of times under the title of La Ciudad de la Venganza (A city of Vengeance), so any clue about its original titled, The giant of Casino, dissapeared in the video releases & it made its identification a bit harder.

 Spanish VHS of The Giant of Casino ( aka A City of Vengeance)

The new scenes weren't starred by gweiloh actors as usual on IFD & Filmark films but by Jack Sun ( Aka Suen Kwok Ming) as the Robot-hero and a group of chinese actors that I haven't been able to identify. The only gweiloh in the movie whom I haven't identied neither plays a ridiculous gang boss who wants to controls the casinos & the drug market using chinese vampires...

It is funny to remember Jack Sun played the evil Taoist master in Robovampire and then he played the hero in the last movie about this Filmark Superhero. Devil's Dynamite also has a Taoist master who is controlled by the evil gweiloh who used traditional Vodoo techniques...
As you can see Devil's Dynamite offers whatever ingredient you may mention or wish for a film!!!!!

 And being honest, I found much funnier & even better film the cut & paste movie designed by Filmark rather than the original cut of Giant of Casino that is no more than a boring movie about gang wars to control gambling dens.

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