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jueves, 12 de enero de 2012

Filmark International Original Trailers

In 2006 /07 Joseph Lai's IFD official website was updated with pressbooks & trailers from its catalog, then we were able to find scenes, information, pics even titles that we didn't know they were produced by IFD. Sadly we also found out some titles were not longer avaliable to be bought & re-edited anymore.

But, how about Filmark? Since the big fire destroyed Garley's Gallery & Tomas Tang was officially dead, we only had Filmark's old video tapes as unique source to investigate about Tomas Tang & his filming production. Even today, I sometimes get surprised & very happy whenever I find a Filmark movie I didn't know it existed!!!...titles such as Dark Day Express or Outlaw Killer, for example, have been nice surprises.

Searching by Youtube, I found several Filmark original trailers that have hooked me. I remember I saw the original trailer of Ninja Phantom Hero Usa in a Spanish tape of Asso Asia Snake Strikes Back when I was just a tender teenager & I loved it a lot. So you may imagine how happy I was when I found the following Filmark trailers few days ago:

Ninja 8: Warriors of Fire

This movie belongs to the Ninja series our good friend Jonathan Isgar did for Filmark in 1986. It was shot back to back along with Ninja Phantom Hero Usa, so, we find almost the same cast, same outfits, same locations & almost everything is the same we saw in Ninja Phantom!
I truly think Ninja Phanthom Hero Usa & this Ninja 8: Warriors of fire are the very best ninja movies from Tomas Tang.

Twinkle Ninja Fantasy

Twinkle ninja Fantasy was distributed by Filmark under many different titles. It was distributed in Germany as Empire of the ninjas, as Ninja Fantasy in some other countries & when it arrived to Spain, the distributor titled it Ninja Project!!!!. The movie was done using a thai movie as main body while the new scenes were starred by Danny Raisebeck as the good guy & Patrick Frbezar as the villain using fake names, later both actors used their real name in their works for IFD.

Ninja American Warrior

The third "chapter" of Jonathan Igar's ninja movies for Filmark. If Ninja Phantom & Ninja 8: Warriors of fire were shot back to back, Ninja American Warrior was shot back to back with Death Code Ninja the last movie of this saga. This movie also shared most of the locations & outfits of the previous 2 but in order to look different Tomas Tang changed the roles of the good & bad guys & he also hired new faces...but even so, we can clearly notice all this movies were shot one after another in a very short period of time between them. Oh, the director of this movie & the following Death Code Ninja was Tommy Cheng Kei Ying while the previous Ninja Phantom & Warriors of fire someone credited as Bruce Lambert sat in the director's chair...uuummh, quite strange ,right? This could give us an idea to know who was behind Bruce lambert...

Empire of the spiritual ninja

Another Filmark movie that can give us some troubles to find or locate it because it was distributed under countless titles around the world. Empire of the Spiritual Ninja is a cool title for a movie but the different distributors re-titled as American Force Ninja ( a la IFD style) or Soldado Rebelde ( The rebel Soldier) as it was titled in Spain giving me some troubles because a Filipino war movie was also titled like this & whenever order the filipino movie I was sent this Filmark movie & viceversa!!!
The new scenes in Empire of the Spiritual Ninja were starred by Danny Raisebeck again....he needs a post & a place in this blog !!!...

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